Am I eligible for Student Loan Forgiveness, Administrative Discharge, Or Do I Have A Defense To Repayment?

Student Loan Forgiveness:

If you qualify, you can have your Federal Student Loans forgiven under the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program.  To qualify, you must meet these three requirements simultaneously:

  • Work for a “qualified employer,” government agency or a non-profit;
  • Your Federal Student Loan must be a Direct Loan; and
  • Have 10 years of qualifying payments. (Your qualifying payment can be as low as $0 per month)

Administrative Discharge:

There are two different types of Administrative Discharge— Student-based and School-based.

For Student-based Administrative Discharge, you may qualify under these circumstances:

  • Death of the Student; and
  • Total and Permanent Disability.

For School-based Administrative Discharge, you may qualify under these circumstances:

  • The School Closed (prior to your graduation and you cannot transfer the credits);
  • False Certification:
    1. The student never graduated from high school;
    2. The student could not meet the State’s minimum job requirements;
    3. Unauthorized Signature, the borrower didn’t sign or authorize the loan;
    4. ID Theft;
  • Unpaid Refund, the borrower never received a refund of a loan they were due.

Have A Defense To Repayment:

If you were misled through a material misrepresentation about the school.

Do I qualify for any of these?  Let the experienced Student Loan Attorneys at the Ciment Law Firm explain what your options are and set you on the path to Student Loan Debt Resolution and financial freedom.