Student Loan debt has become a significant financial burden for thousands of Texans.

The feeling of insurmountable debt and the despair and hopelessness that comes with Student Loan debt is something that I hear from my clients daily.  Let the experienced Student Loan Attorneys at the Ciment Law Firm help explain your options and set you on the path to Student Loan Debt Resolution and financial freedom.

This month the total outstanding student loan debt reached a staggering high of $1.465 trillion! More than 2.7 million graduates owe more than $100,000 in federally guaranteed loans, with about 700,000 owing more than $200,000!

How much are you paying each month?  Could your payment be lower?  Do you qualify for Loan Forgiveness or even a Loan Discharge?  Are you in Default on your Federal Loans?  Let the experienced Student Loan Attorneys at the Ciment Law Firm answer these and all your other questions.

The first step is to get your Federal Student Loan Analysis.  What do you get with the Federal Student Loan Analysis?  Our experienced Student Loan Attorneys will provide you with a written report explaining what types of Federal Student Loans you have, what their status is, and what repayment options you have available.  The report will also tell you how to apply for these different repayment options, or you can hire us to assist you.  You will then receive a 30 minute telephonic consultation with one of the Ciment Law Firm’s experienced Student Loan Attorneys.  The fee for your Federal Student Loan Analysis is only $250.

What type of Student Loans do I have?

What Are My Repayment Options? 

How Can I Get My Student Loans Out Of Default? 

Am I eligible for Student Loan Forgiveness

Why should I hire the Ciment Law Firm to help me with my Student Loans?