Civil Lawsuit Creditor vs Joe Citizen

I was solicited via a letter from Daniel Ciment secondery to a civil credit card debit case was which was broght against me in county court by a creditor who purchased my bad debit.I was so reluctent to respond to what some might consider a “junk mail solicitation”. But I had nothing to loose and I responded to Daniels office in July of 2011. It was then explained to me that the laws for credit debit and creditors purchasing the debit allow for citizens to level the playing fields and have the law on your side. But you have to take the chance and fight back which I did. When I could not come to terms in negotiating my debit with the collection agency Midland Funding. I decide to pay Daniels office a reasonable amount to fight two diffrent cases between July 2011 and March 2012. This is what the collection agency do’t count on. Collection agencys work under the umbrella that Joe Citizen dose’t now what rights under civil law they are afforded.In my first case I owed $4500 and paid Daniels office $750 to fight the case. My case was won and drooped from county civil court w/i 30days of the calender trial.Daniel proved the case against the shady practices of the collection agency.In my second case we owed $10k and paid $1000 to Daniels office and the case was set for trial then drooped. Both cases were against Midland Funding. I tried to work out a fair offer for my debit but could not come to terms with Midland. So I felt it was in my best intrist to fight Midland Funding.Daniels Office helped me get back my finacial hardship to the road of recovery. They even allowed me to make monthly payments for the legal fees which made the case even more understanding to our dire situation.Thank you Daniel for your offices expertise!