1. Outstanding Representation & Professionalism

    I was extremely satisfied with the manner in which my case was represented by Heston-Ciment. I was kept informed by my attorney, and the case was resolved with very little impact on my day-to-day.…Read More

  2. Fight the good fight

    Mr. Ciment has been extremely helpful and keeps strict communication with me in regards to my cases. Even when I think he is not in my corner, he reassures me that he is continuously on my side. When no one else is willing to help or disregards you as a person, Daniel Ciment does the opposite…Read More

  3. Mr Ciment

    Even though my initial case was not won in court the exemplary manner in which my case was handled was A -Superior! The company that was trying to sue us was told we were a hardship case ... My husband who was the primary wage earner for years with an excellent job suffered a heart attack and two heart surgeries and ended up having to file for total disability with social security disability .I myself, have been off work on FMLA medical leave due…Read More

    Kathy Hunter
  4. Unexpected surprise

    So glad I contacted Mr. Ciment and his staff regarding my situation. Attorneys and all staff members at this firm are very friendly and knowledgeable. All proceedings and fees are explained with great detail and the staff responds to emails quickly.…Read More

  5. Creditors krytonite

    I was being harassed by NCO ( Collegiate Trust) and owed about $59,000. I originally borrowed $30,000 and just like anyone did not know how the light at the end of the tunnel would turn out. I did not understand what was going on when NCO called and threaten to garnish my wages as well as demanding my bank account number. Instead of getting a lawyer then, I ended up paying $500 for the first month, which I could not keep affording. When my wife f…Read More

  6. Mediation – Settlement Agreement

    I hired Mr Ciments firm to assist me with a lawsuit from one of my vendors. I was concerned about a judgment being filed and impacting by business and credit standing. I wanted to pay the vendor but ran into a little snag with finances. After hiring his firm their process was extremely smooth and efficient leading up to the actual mediation. At mediation Mr. Ciment himself showed up and assisted me throughout the proceeding. We were able to negot…Read More

  7. Excellent lawyer

    First of all, I just want to say that I highly recommend Mr. Ciment. Not only they are very good at what they do but they have the passion to help people in need. I was hesitant the first time I saw them in the internet but when I talked to them they gave me that peace of mind that they will do whatever they can to make things ok. Of course there is no guarantee but I can honestly say that they had my best interest in mind. They are willing to wo…Read More

  8. I had a remarkable and excellent experience with attorney Mr. Daniel Ciment.

    A few months ago I had to deal with an unfortunate and unjustifiable law suit from a creditor, I was blind sided and in shock, I contacted a few places and met with a few attorneys which was a frightening experience and none were positive & hopeful, they recommended bankruptcy which I was totally against. I got a letter and flyer from Mr. Ciment's law firm that they could help me that was what I had hoped for, someone that knows the case and …Read More

  9. Attorney Review

    Mr. Ciment has assisted me on several matters with positive results.…Read More

  10. Availability

    Always there to answer questions I may have about my case. Yes would recommend in the future.…Read More